Cooperstown Luxury Vacation Rentals

Welcome to Cooperstown!
Cooperstown is the indispensable paradise to every baseball fan. This one-stop destination indeed goes beyond baseball to stir the fancy of casual vacationers, opera aficionados, shopaholics and nature lovers. Whatever your reason to pay a visit, now you can make the entire experience truly memorable – with CoopDiamonds.

CoopDiamonds is a set of well-planned, well-located houses at Cooperstown. Our roster of houses presently comprises of SUNRISE ESTATES II, SUNRISE ESTATES III, SUNRISE ESTATES IV, SUNRISE ESTATES V, COOK and PRESTON. 

They’ve been thoughtfully built as if they were our own homes. In fact, everything that you see here has an unmistakable personal touch – something that you never find in a commercial premise. Yet, all our houses come with the finest of modern amenities to make your stay truly remarkable.
From swimming pool to grill, well-appointed kitchen to central AC, you will find in these houses a level of comfort that can make you come back for more. All five homes are ideally located amid enchanting country settings, yet short drives away from where all the action is – Dreams Park, restaurants, museums… Take your pick from the five homes, according to your family/ group size and budget. These accommodations are available exclusively on weekly rental basis.

Coming to Cooperstown to play ball?  Click here to find out more about Cooperstown Dreams Park.